Flexible Applicator for OB - Hexagonal type - Male or female fitting

  • With handling as simple as rigid, it allows the application of "OB" in entrance branches and facilitates its application in easels with low shelters.
    The trench for placing the "OB" may be much smaller than that required by the rigid.

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Rigid Applicator for OB - Hexagonal type - Male or female fitting

  • Made of steel, bichromatic, with handles (steering wheels) in polypropylene.
    It acts on the "OB" suppression device, increasing the diameter of its seal.

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Anti -ame Device

  • Made of polyacetal, for ligações ”water connections, it is intended to inhibit and prevent fraud in water meters in order to steal water.
     It prevents a piece of wire from being introduced into the hydrometer reaching the turbine blades and preventing measurement.

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OB suppression device - (bullet)

  • Made of metal, rubber with a hardness between 70 and 80 Shore, it blocks the water in the tube in different sizes. 
    It is installed inside the tube and is activated by the applicator, the diameter of the rubber increases blocking the water in the tube. 
    It can be reused 5 to 10 times, depending on handling and stocking care.

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We go to great lengths to support sanitation companies in managing the world's greatest asset

Anti-fraud seal for water meter - Clamp type

  • Prevents the water meter from being inverted. Made of polypropylene, with 2 (two) side latches (one in each half cap), quick coupling.
     Its application does not require tools and the hubcaps are interchangeable.

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Safety seal for gas and water valve

  • Seal made of polycarbonate, thermoplastic with very high mechanical and weather resistance.
    Ergonomic, adjustable, quick and easy closing with self-breaking screw.

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Polycarbonate seal with steel cord

  • It is also intended to prevent the water meter from being inverted. It can be supplied in two versions:

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Seal for cutting in the registry

  • Plastic box (polypropylene), with quick coupling locking. It has an exclusive internal barrier that prevents access to the registry. 

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